About Us

I believe everyone has artistic ability and china painting can unleash that inner artist.  My goal is to recruit artists and teach china painting to anyone interested in learning a new hobby.  With my weekly Facebook live tutorials,  at  www.facebook.com/paintnporcelain,  I  share simple techniques to help the beginner get started and keep experienced artists challenged.
What is china painting? China paints are a mixture of  several ground minerals that are combined with oils to create beautiful colors and textures.  Blank porcelain (all white) is used  and each piece requires 3-4 coats of paint with a kiln firing after each coat. Once the artist creates a piece it can become a "study" for other painters to learn from.  Studies have line drawings and step-by-step instructions to complete the final product. Experienced artists create the own work from nature without the use of studies.  Porcelain is available in many forms such  as holiday ornaments, vases, cups, plates, and novelty items and even porcelain tiles that can be framed and hung on the wall.  The information on these pages will help beginners learn the art.  Thanks for visiting Paint n Porcelain! Please consider porcelain painting for your next hobby.